When we think of potions, images of old warty women standing over boiling cauldrons come to mind. However, potions have been around for a long time and were made and have been made by wide variety of individuals with just as wide verity of ingredients. While in times past potions may have contained animal parts, it is difficult to tell how common this would have been among healers, herbalist, and wise women (Witches and wizards as they were called). This is due in part to the fact that they didn’t leave a lot of written information (most couldn’t write), most of their activities where in the form of accusations and charges from prosecutors. In modern day times (except for fringe practitioners) mostly herbs are use in potions. Today, we use words like preparations, decoctions, tinctures and fomentation. These name changes help to scrape off the stigma of medieval superstition and fear mongering from those who killed the knowledgeable practitioners for zealous and scrupulous reasons.

adult beautiful blur bottle


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