Keeping your coven’s energy clean

asia bald blur buddhism
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When you are forming a new coven one thing to remember is that its energy must remain clean. Most pagan/Wicca groups are loath to leave anyone out who voices a desire to be in. however, the flow of rites and rituals is very important. Negative or profane individuals can send the wrong intent into a proceeding. When the intent is changed a rite or ritual can be turn into a dark working bringing consequences on the whole coven. This form of behavior can be observed in social media groups. These individuals most often are either dark hearted, trolls or misguided about what they are watching. These types of people should be sorted out of any activities. However, for the most part pagans/wiccans/ want the world to know that they are inclusive. This is for all tense and purposes true. We should never write someone out due to uncontrollable circumstances. When it come to profane persons nevertheless we must be guarded. Removing them from groups and covens will keep energy clean and the intent on course.


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